BT Trading Strategy: A Review
BT Trading Strategy: A Review


  • Developed by Dr. Glen Brown, the Base Trend (BT) Trading Strategy provides a comprehensive framework for traders to make informed decisions over extended timeframes.
  • The strategy integrates various indicators to identify optimal entry and exit points.
  • Execution of the strategy is facilitated by the Global Algorithmic Trading Software (GATS) – an automated trading system.

Key Components:

  1. Buy and Sell Signal Parameters: These involve various indicators such as the EMA Zones, Global HAS candles, DAATS positioning, Global Time Bars, Global I-Trend, Global ADX, and GMACD to identify buying and selling opportunities.
  2. Trade Execution and Management: The strategy considers a 2% risk percentage per trade and uses an Adaptive ATR Trailing Stop. Profits are targeted using a 3:1 Reward-to-Risk Ratio.
  3. EMA Zones: EMAs are categorized based on their lengths, providing traders a visual representation of market trends.
  4. GMACD Settings: It uses the settings of Fast Length (6), Slow Length (9), and Signal Length (3).
  5. Global Traders Guidance Sheet: This provides guidance on setting different trailing stops based on risk appetite.

About the Developer – Dr. Glen Brown:

Dr. Brown’s multifaceted expertise is highlighted through his leadership roles, academic brilliance, and deep-rooted philosophies. As a seasoned professional, he has seamlessly integrated finance, trading, and technology, creating influential organizations and strategic trading tools.


The BT Trading Strategy presents a sophisticated yet adaptable approach to trading. Combining multiple indicators, it allows traders to have a structured yet flexible trading methodology. Dr. Glen Brown’s expertise and vision play a pivotal role in the strategy’s efficacy and precision.

Risk Disclaimer: Trading involves substantial risks. It’s essential to approach the markets with caution, understanding the inherent risks, and seeking guidance when necessary.