Why Are We Bullish On General Electric(GE)?

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Why Are We Bullish On General Electric(GE)?

GE was among the worst-performing equities in the S&P 500 index of US stocks but I am still bullish. The big question is why…
It is my views that GE is still one of the most valuable company in the world. The major issue was with GE Capital.
GE Capital is the financial services division of GE.. This division can be fix and I believe they are going to fix it. One of the strategy is to sell off GE capital Portfolio. On November 16, 2018 — TIAA Bank announced the acquisition of a $1.5 billion portfolio of healthcare equipment leases and loans from GE Capital’s Healthcare Equipment Finance (HEF) business.Many more transactions like these will occur..

GE is currently trading at $7.41 after making a low of $6.57 in December 2018. This is just above its 2009 low of $5.85.
If we can hold at $6.25 then I am looking for a retest of the next resistance zone at $12.30 to $18.75
This bullish status is very risky! The major trend is down..

I would like to design a Counter-Trend Strategy for this stock for our Global Proprietary Equity Fund with an allowance of four(4) times the Daily Average True Range( 4 x 0.4210=$1.684) below the March 1, 2009 low of US$5.85. This will give us an Exit Price of $4.16 if our bullish analysis is wrong.

This is a long term trade with four(4) price targets, four(4) entries and four(4) percentage(%) Risk. The entries will depends on price action at the support zones.

Price Target 1: $12.50
Price Target 2: $18.75
Price Target 3: $25.00
Price Target 4: $31.25

We will call this strategy the Global 444 Trading

This post is for general internal  information purposes only. It is not investment advice or a solution to buy or sell securities.

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  • The price action this week for GE was very interested. While we closed at $9.16 this trade is still risky and hence if we trade below $8.00 we will re-evaluate our bullish status..

    The major risk this week is the forthcoming earnings for General Electric. I do not expect it to be great and hence will focus on the guidance given by management for 2019.

    We have seen a few important changes from our trading systems.

    While the Primary Trend is still bearish, our Secondary and Short Term Trend is now Bullish.

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